Understanding wild animals better is crucial for a sustainable future

Research conducted in zoos can contribute to important knowledge about animal species that is difficult to obtain solely through studies in the wild, because in zoos we can get closer to the animals in a different way than in the wild. The results of this research not only provide a broader understanding of the subject, but also provide valuable information to the zoo community on how to care for our animals to provide them with the best welfare possible.

As a member of the zoo organizations EAZA and SDF, which support various research projects to varying degrees, we always try to accommodate requests for materials and data etc. for research, provided that it is compatible with good animal welfare. Research intended for publication in scientific journals is prioritized.


Forskningsprojekt 2023

Forskningsprojekt vi deltog i 2023

Forskningsprojekt 2022

Research projects we participated in 2022.

Our mission

More and more animal species in the world are threatened with extinction today, and the list of species at risk of dying out is only getting longer and longer. We can do a lot to help and ensure their survival.


The increased threat to both animals and their natural habitats makes the work of zoos more important than ever.


We work for a lifelong commitment to animals and nature, and we aim to inspire children and adults to take care of the planet we live on and preserve biodiversity.

You help us with our mission.

Every time you visit us, buy something in the park, or sponsor us, you help us with our mission. Together, we can make a big difference!

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