Zoo school

Zoo skola

Participate "behind the scenes"!

In our zoo school, you can get to know our animals at the level that suits you best. You can learn more about our seals and about the four large predators. You can be with us one day "behind the scenes" and see what happens or you can follow us and feed our sheep, goats and rabbits.

Get to know our seals

2 levels - Elementary school and Gymnasium

We get together - show pictures of and tell about the seals around our Swedish coasts. Then we go out and meet the seals up close.

Elementary school ex: How long can the seals hold their breath? How fast do they swim? When are their pups born and why are they white? etc. You can get answers to your questions about seals.

High school / Gymnasium ex: How can seals dive so deep and for so long? We are talking about adaptations to cold climate and great depths.

Get to know the big four - bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine

2 levels - middle school (years 4-6) and high school (years 7-9) and gymnasium

Middle School: We look at pictures, stuffed animals and skulls etc. What do they look like and why? Why do wolves have big paws and lynx have short tails? We tell about the animals and answer questions. Then we go out into the park and look at them.

High school / gymnasium ex: We are talking about endangered species, the importance of conserving animal species, the animals' adaptations to a cold climate, etc.

Behind the scenes

Experience the animals "behind the scenes". Accompany an animal caretaker, for example at predator feeding, cloven-hoofed feeding or when feeding and cleaning the children's zoo.

Pat the animals

Level 1 - Preschool and primary school

Pet goats, sheep and rabbits. Come along and see what they eat. Help us with raking and feeding. Our veterinarians tell children of all ages and answer their questions and concerns.

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