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Lycksele Djurpark


(Gulo gulo) In our country the wolverine lives in the alpine areas and in the nearby forests. It was placed under protection in 1969 when the population of wolverines was pushed back into the alpine regions of the County of Norrbotten. Today the population is estimated to a couple of hundred animals. The wolverine has a circumpolar distribution, i.e. it lives in the alpine and tundra areas and in the northern part of the taiga (the pine forest) in Europe, Asia and North America. During the main part of the year wolverines live alone in large territories. They dig out a lair in the snow. The cubs are blind at birth and have a white fur. They weigh about 100 grams.

Order:Predators (Carnivora)
Family: Weasels (Mustelidae)
Weight:Males : 20-30 kilos            
Females: 10-20 kilos
Life span:15-18 years
Mating period:April-August, with a peak in June
Gestation period:9-11 months after mating. However, wolverines have so-called delayed implantation, so the actual gestation period is only about two months.
Cubs: Are born in the winter (February-March) in the lair, in most cases 2-3 cubs.