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Guinea pig

Cavia porcellus (the domesticated form) The guinea pig is one of our most common pets. The tame form is a domesticated variant of the hybrids of three wild guinea pig species, like Cavia aperea. The various breeds of guinea pigs are distinguished by their coats, e.g. Shorthair, Abyssinian, Teddy, Sheltie.
Order:Rodents (Rodentia)
Suborder:Hystricomorphal rodents (Hystricomorpha)
Family:Guinea pigs (Caviidae)
Weight:900 grams - 1 kilo
Life span:Normally 5-7 years
Gestation period:About 70 days
Pups:2-4, born well-developed with hair and eyesight. The pups are suckled for about 3 weeks and become sexually mature at the age of 4-5 weeks.