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Lycksele Djurpark


(Mustela putorius) Exterior: Brown fur with paler sides. A pale head with darker markings above the eyes. Small ears with white edges, short legs. Its size is usually 30-45 cm, the tails 10-15 cm. The polecat occurs in Sweden up to the Province of Uppland. Common in Skåne. Mainly nocturnal. A bad climber, which sticks mainly to the ground in damp woods with glades. Prey: Mostly small rodents and frogs, but also birds, hares, lizards and insects. Also hunts in water.

Order:Predators (Carnivora)
Family:Weasels (Mustelidae)
Weight:500-1000 grams. The male is bigger than the female.
Life span:Up to 10 years
Mating periodMarch-April
Gestation period:40 days. Sexually mature at the age of 1 year.
Kits:5-10 born in May-June