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(Gallus gallus) Our domestic chicken originates from the Red Junglefowl in south-east Asia: Gallus gallus. There are about 400 various breeds of chicken. The hens hatch on their eggs for three weeks and take care of their chicks for 8-10 weeks.

Swedish dwarf hens are particularly prone to brooding.

The Scanian "flower fowl" is our biggest Swedish native breed. It has got its name from the white feather tips forming "flowers" in its plumage which is often white-flowered on a brown bottom. Except for the flower fowl the zoo has the Bjurholm hen, a native breed from Bjurholm outside Umeå.

Order:Gallinaceous birds (Galliformes)
Family:Pheasants (Phasanidae)
Weight:Flower fowl: Males (Cock):2,5-3,5 kilos, Females (Hen) 2-2,5 kilos
Bjurholm hen: Males (Cock): 2 kilos, Females (Hen): 1,5 kilos
Life span:Normally up to 16 years
Ruvningstid:About 21 days
Eggs:The flower fowl eggs weigh 60 grams, beige-colors.
The Bjurholm hens eggs weigh 45-50 grams