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Lycksele Djurpark

Wisent or European bison

(Bison bonasus) The wisent is a pure herd animal. The herd usually consists of 10-30 animals with an old bull as its leader. The wisent does not live in the wild in Sweden any more. It disappeared from southern Sweden just under 1 000 years ago. The wisent became totally extinct in the wild at the time of the 1st World War, but was saved thanks to the fifty or so animals that lived in eight zoos, one of which is in Sweden. Charachteristic for the bulls is the dark brown coat. The neck of a wisent is short and thick with a shoulder hump. The broad, short skull has a curly mop of hair on the forehead, a short beard on the chin and short horns that project outwards and then curve upwards and slightly forwards.

Order:Even-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla)
Family:Hollow-horned animals (Bovidae)
Weight:Males (bulls): 800-900 kilos
Females (cows): 500-600 kilos
Life span:More than 30 years
Mating period:August - September
Gestation period:9-10 months
Calves:Are born in May-July