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Lycksele Djurpark

Wild boar

(Sus scrofa) Nowadays the wild boar is a fairly common animal in southern and middle Sweden. Omnivorous. Above all, it eats plant parts like roots and tubers, but also small rodents, insects, worms and carrion are part of the diet. Sturdy with a big head and short legs. The fur is dark greyish brown and coarse. The winter fur is thick and long-haired. The summer coat looks like "one-week-old stubble". The canine teeth of the males grow continuously and form dangerous tusks that are bent upwards. They can run at 50 kilometres/hour (ca 30 miles/h).

Order:Even-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla)
Family:Pigs (svidae)
Weight:Males (boars): Up to 175 kilos
Females (sows): Up to 150 kilos
Life span:Usually up to 8 years (but up to 20 years may be possible)
Mating period:September-November
Gestation period:4 months (115 days)
Piglets:The sows give birth to 3-8 piglets, whose colour is lighter brown with horizontal dark stripes. They stay with the sow until she is to have a new litter.