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(Rangifer tarandus) The reindeer is the only deer where both sexes grow antlers. The wild reindeer became extinct in our country in the 1800s. "Swedish" reindeer is now domesticated and herded by the Sámi. The reindeer is one of the most useful domestic animals. The Sámi word for the bull is 'sarv', and the cow is called 'vaja'. A castrated bull is called 'härk' and is used as a draught animal. The live reindeer is used as a draught and pack animal, and the cows can also be milked. Almost all parts of a slaughtered reindeer can become of use. Lichen of various kinds is the most important feed for reindeer, which are specially adapted to digest and assimilate the lean feed. In the summer their diet is increased with grass, herbs, leaves and mushrooms. In the winter reindeer can use their hooves to dig down (crater) through the snow cover to get to the ground-dwelling lichens. They also eat hanging lichens from trees. Wild reindeer occur all over the tundra areas of the northern hemisphere. In North America the reindeer is called Caribou.

Order:Even-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla)
Family:Deer (Cervidae)
Weight:Males: 70-150 kilos
Females: 40-100 kilos
Life span:About 20 years
Mating period:September-October
Gestation period:8 months
Calves:Are born in May-June