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Lycksele Djurpark


(Capra Hircus) The Jämtland goat is one of our Swedish native breeds. Its colours may vary. Goats can be kept for the milk and a good Jämtland goat can produce 300-400 kilos of milk per season.

The African dwarf goat comes from Africa, and for a long time it has  been a popular breed in zoos because of its size and its pleasant temperament. It has short legs, a compact body and a small head. Its withers height is around 40 centimetres.

OrderEven-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla).
Family:Hollow-horned animals (Bovidae). Subfamily: (Caprinae)
Weight:Jämtland goat, about 40 kilos,  African dwarf goat, 20-30 kilos
Life span:Up to 25 years
Gestation period:About 5 months
Kids:1-2 kids (in most cases 2)