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Lycksele Djurpark

Arctic fox

(Alopex lagopus) In our country the arctic fox is linked to the bare mountain region. It is placed under protection since 1928, but the population is still only just under 100 animals. The arctic fox can be found all over the Arctic region and lives on the tundra, on drift-ice and on the bare mountains. There might be arctic foxes with both white and dark ("blue") winter fur in the same litter if the parents carry genes for both colour variants. In our country about one tenth of the arctic foxes are blue.

OrderPredators (Carnivora)
Family:Canids (Canidae)
Weight:Normally 1.5-4 kilos
Life span:Up to 14 years
Mating period:March-June
Gestation period:52 days
Pups:Are born in May- mid-July and there may be 1-13 pups in the same litter.

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