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Wild forest reindeer

(Rangifer tarandus fennicus) The reindeer is the only deer where both sexes grow antlers. The wild forest reindeer is a sub-species of the mountain reindeer and adapted for a life in the forest. It has considerably longer legs, broader hoofs and a smaller antler crown than the mountain reindeer. The wild reindeer became extinct in our country in the 1860s, and about 50 years later - in 1915 - it was placed under protection. "Swedish" reindeer are now domesticated and herded by the Sámi.

Order:Even-toed angulates (Artiodactyla)
Family:Deer (Cervidae)
Weight:Males (bull)(in Sámi: sarv): 180-200 kilos
Females (cow)(in Sámi: vaja): 120-140 kilos
Life span:15 years
Mating period:July-August
Gestation period: 9-10 months, but with delayed development of the fetus. The fetus begins to develop about 5 months before birth.
Calves:Born in May-June