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Lycksele Djurpark


(Lynx lynx) The lynx has lived in Sweden since the Ice Age. Today there are probably over 1 000 lynx in  Sweden. Lynx are divided into four species - Spanish lynx (Spain, Portugal), Canadian lynx (North America), Eurasian lynx (Europe and Asia) and Bobcat (North America). Its tail with a black tip and its head with white ear patches and eye borders are distinct "signal spots". The lynx also has scent glands on its cheeks and on its paws, supplementing its urine markings as scent sources. A grown-up lynx eats about one kilo of meat per day. In our country the lynx preys mainly on hares and roe deer, especially in the winter.

Order:Predators (Carnivora)
Family: Cats (Felidae)
Weight:Males: 20-35 kilos
Females: 15-25 kilos
Life span:Up to 20 years
Mating period:March-April
Gestation period:68-70 days

Are born in the lair in May-June. In most cases there are 2, but sometimes 3, which are blind at birth and weigh about 0.3 kilos.

Lycksele Zoo participates in SAZA's conservation project for Lynx.