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Lycksele Djurpark

Grey seal

(Halichoerus grypus) The grey seals of the Baltic Sea differ from those in the Atlantic. The Baltic Sea grey seals give birth to their pups on the ice in the winter. The pups of the Atlantic seals are born in the autumn on sand beaches. A grown-up grey seal can dive down to 100 metres to catch fish.

Order:Seals (Pinnipedia)
Family: Earless seals (Phocidae)
Weight:Between 200 and 315 kilos (the male is bigger than the female)
Life span:Up to 46 years
Mating period:April-May
Gestation period350 days
Pups:Are born on the ice in February-March the year after mating. The female gives birth to one pup, which she suckles for 3-4 weeks. It then gains weight by 2 kilos per day.

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