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Lycksele Djurpark

Brown bear

(Ursus arctos) The brown bear lives in coniferous forests in northern Europe, Asia and North America, where it is called grizzly in some areas. The Swedish bear population of a couple thousand animals is slowly increasing despite the general hunting. The bear is a so-called plantigrade, i.e. it uses its whole sole of the foot, exactly like we do.
Order:Predators (Carnivora)
Family:Bears (Ursidae)
Weight:Males: Up to 350 kilograms (Sweden)          
Females: Up to 160 kilograms (Sweden)
Life span:20 - 30 years
Mating season:May-June
Gestation period:7–8 months, but the actual development of the fetus only takes 2-3 months, a so-called delayed implantation.

1-3 cubs (sometimes 4 or 5) are often born in January during hibernation in the winter den.

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